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  Home & Soul

Tranquil Designs & Products

      for a Healthier Home & LifeStyle

Gifts for GRADS, Dads and All Occasion!

Soothing GiftSets, Healthy Snacks & Treats, Handmade Artisan Gifts, Orchid & Blooming Plant Gardens

Fabric Keepsake Gift Box includes an 11oz Aromatherapy Soy Candle, Welsh Cakes or Shortbread (4pc pack), Herbal Box of Tea, mini Gift Book, and Godiva Chocolates. Elegantly wrapped in a lidded, framed organza Gift Box. Candle selection will vary per availability, all are handpoured into glass lidded jars.  $45.00

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Snacks & Treats include; Organic Fruit Spreads, Organic Herbal Teas, Hand-Griddled Shortbread, WelshCakes. Gift's includes assortment of Gift Books, Card Decks, Aromatherapy Candles, Instrumental CD's and Spa treats! Full product descriptions available here: Product Details

WELSH CAKES; Assorted Flavors and VEGAN, Wheat Free flavors available. Banana Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Chip Cherry are VWhFree Flavors and may be substituted for any 4pc pack.

O'Casey Creations; just a sample of their AWESOME creations! Soothing Body Butter in a handmade Floral Bowl, with a stainless steel chrome leaf-inspired handle! Add for $20 ea

We also have additional handmade gifts from O'Casey's on our ArtisanGifts page

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Select GiftSet designs featuring a stunning potted Orchid Plant, surrounded by treats & gifts, or custom create your own from our selection of all natural Gourmet Goodies and Specialty Gift Items. Orchid colors will vary.

Orchid & Treats

Orchid Plant, Mug & Herbal Teas, Tea Towel, Nonni's Dipped Biscotti, Hand Griddled Welsh Cakes or Shortbread, Just Jan's Fruit Spread & Godiva Chocolates on a Bamboo Serving Tray. $55.00

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Orchid, Treats & Gifts

Orchid Plant, Mug & Herbal Teas, Tea Towel, Nonni's Dipped Biscotti, Nut & Trail Mix, Godiva Chocolates and selection of Gift Book, Aromatherapy Soothing Candle, and Spa item!  $85.00

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Orchid & Godiva Chocolates

Orchid Garden PLUS Godiva Chocolates arranged in a lidded, framed Fabric Gift Box. Two plants potted in a ceramic pot with moss, natural elements, and ribbon  $55.00

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Resources for your Heart and Soul

Our very favorite Gallery! Tony produces stunning Photography Fine Art which connects with nature and sends our hearts soaring. Visit his website, gallery, and be sure to subscribe to his newsletters! 

We absolutely love

Maria Shriver's


It's the very best!

"A free weekly newsletter that inspires Hearts and Minds and moves Humanity forward with News & Views that rise above the noise"

I look forward to relaxing and reading this every Sunday morning, AND now they offer a NEW Wednesday edition!

We use eco-friendly packaging, recycled materials, and support green, sustainable companies and praactices, for the good of our Global Community.

Each year we select a charity organization to support, and commit

to donating a percentage of all product sales and services.

From November 2020 - December 2021, we have selected

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. My father,

Elia Carlo 'Charles' Rapagna, recently lost his battle with cancer,

and this was his favorite charity. My son and I created a Memorial Fund in his name, and you can read about him or make your own donation to fight cancer, by clicking the photo link above.

We also support 'The Trees Remember', which raises funds for reforestation in US National Forests across the States. We planted a grove of trees as a tribute, and they also offer plantings for Celebrations!

Your purchases 'give back' and make a big difference in lives of those who are also living with cancer, and in support of Mother Earth's Natural Forests. We thank you for your purchases, which continue to allow us to give back.

"We fully support Sustainability, Global Projects, Eco-Friendly Products and Holistic Approaches to our services and product selection - for the greater good of our unified planet. Please carefully consider your

purchases; select green, sustainable Earth Friendly products and services."

UCLA Women's Cardiovascular Center offers a wide range of services and integrative medicine programs specifically designed with Women in mind! They honor the Mind/Body/Spirit connection and focus on preventative measures and whole life health. Check out the website for upcoming events, tips and resources for "Heart Healthy Living"! 

UCLA TeenHeartHealth Program involves Teens to promote Heart Healthy Habits including stress reduction, nutrition and excercise tips. JOIN TODAY!

Tranquil Patios & Gardens

Enjoy our gorgeous California weather in your Outdoor Living Room!

Add a water treatment.

Floral Displays & Gifts

Give Yourself the GIFT of Nature!

Plants and Fresh Floral Decor improve and enhance your environment, treat yourself!

Comfor‚Äčtable Living that soothes YOU!

Personalized Living Spaces that reflect your style, needs and desires -

don't settle for the latest fads!